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New scientific and clinical projects using Femoflor® and Androflor® tests

In this publication we offer to review the results of a study conducted under the guidance of Professor Ekaterina Voroshilina, Doctor of Medical Sciences, presented during the international conference ESHRE ’s 37th virtual Annual Meeting 2021 (European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology). Under the links you can access the poster "VAGINAL AND ENDOMETRIAL MICROBIOTA: IS THERE CORRELATION?" where Professor investigates the correlation between the total bacterial load and the lactobacilli quantities in the vaginal and endometrial microbiomes and the report "SEMEN MICROBIOTA OF PATIENTS WITH ASTENOZOSPERMIA AND HEALTHY CONTROLS: CLUSTER ANALYSIS OF REALTIME PCR DATA " which goal is to find correlation between infertility and the semen microbiota composition using PCR technology.