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Microbiome Workshop: Welcome To The Symposium

Dear Partners and Friends!

Dear Microbiome Researchers and Enthusiasts,

We extend our special invitation to participate in “Microbiome Workshop” – a symposium, organized by DNA-Technology and RIDACOM, dedicated to the exciting world of microorganisms and the microbiome, presenting the latest data, research and diagnostic applications of Femoflor®, Androflor® and Enteroflor Kiddy technologies in the study of the human microbiome.
Date: 27.10.2023
Time: 16:00 – 19:00
Place: Grand Hotel Millennium Sofia
The event is organized within the framework of the 4th International World of Microbiome Conference.
The leading speaker of the event is Prof. Ekaterina Voroshilina - doctor of medical sciences and professor of microbiology, virology and immunology at the Ural Medical University.
The symposium will bring together specialists from different countries with interests in the field of the microbiome and will provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience between experts applying Femoflor®, Androflor® and Enteroflor® Kiddy technologies.
During the event you will have the opportunity to get more information on the following topics:
∙      Analysis of the microbiome in female and male urogenital system - application in solving complex reproductive problems through Femoflor® and Androflor® technologies
∙      Endometrial microbiome – a new biomarker to assess the endometrial environment and prediction of success rate of assisted reproductive techniques, successful embryo implantation and pregnancy
∙      Clinical significance of microbiome in the female urogenital system during the first trimester of pregnancy - PRIMA and PEOPLe Index - a new prognostic method for assessing the risk of preterm birth based on quantitative analysis of microbiome composition using Femoflor®16
∙      Microbiome analysis in seminal fluid – a biomarker for the quality of sperm and embryos obtained during assisted reproductive technologies
∙      Enteroflor Kiddy for complex quantitative assessment of gut microbiome in children from 0 to 14 years old. Clinical importance and significance of intestinal microbiome in infancy and its influence on the development of the young organism
∙      Review and discussion of real clinical cases from practice with Femoflor®, Androflor® and Enteroflor® Kiddy.

In case you would like your results to be discussed and analyzed during the clinical case discussion session, you can send them to us by 23.10 /Monday/.
Contact us for more information regarding the requirements for the result file and necessary information.

The main language of the event will be English.

Registration for participation in the event can be done at this link: https://forms.gle/YGFVE1uGjENvfHYi8 Deadline for registration: 23.10 /Monday/.
-  Participation in the event is possible only by invitation and after registration by 23.10 /Monday/
-  Places for the event are limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis
-  Your participation registration is only valid after confirmation by us.