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Yersinia pestis

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Yersinia pestis is a Gram-negative bacterium from the Enterobacteriaceae family. It is the infectious agent of bubonic plague and can cause pneumonia (pulmonary form of plague) and septic plague. All the three forms are responsible for high mortality rate during epidemics.

Plague is an acute natural focal infectious disease in the group of quarantine infections. It occurs with very severe general condition, fever, damage to the lymph node, lung and other internal organs, often with development of sepsis. The disease is characterized by high mortality rates and extremely high infectivity.

Yersinia pestis PCR Detection Kit is intended for detection of Yersinia pestis DNA in the human biological samples, in the samples from dead and sick animals in the ticks, ectoparasites etc. by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method.

Yersinia pestis pla PCR Detection Kit is intended for detection of pla gene DNA (pPst plasmid). Yersinia pestis caf1 PCR Detection Kit is intended for detection of caf1 gene DNA (pFra plasmid). Simultaneuos identification of two DNA-targets allows to detect Yersinia pestis strains deprived one of the species-specific plasmid (pFra or pPst). Hereat for Yersinia pestis detection it is necessary to use both PCR kits.

Sample: discharge of ulcers, punctate from buboes, sputum, blood, faeces, biopsies; samples from dead and sick animals; ticks, ectoparasites

DNA extraction: PREP-GS extraction kits

Certification: RUO

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Real-time format is designed to detect PCR results during amplification with the help of detecting amplifiers (in real time).