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Femoflor ® Screen

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Vaginal microbiome composition is a complex dynamic system, which at any given time is affected by many endogenous and exogenous factors, including age, sexual behavior and obstetric history, hormonal status and hormonal disorders, use of hormone replacement therapy and combined oral contraceptives, antibiotic therapy and presence of extragenital pathology. The status of vaginal microbiome composition has a serious impact on maintenance of the reproductive function and as a consequence, on quality of women’s life.

Femoflor ® Screen REAL-TIME PCR Detection Kit is intended for the study of vaginal microbiocenosis (specifically for the detection of the pathogens, opportunistic flora and normal flora and their qualitative and quantitative evaluation).

Indications for analysis:

• Subjective (complaints) and/or objective clinical symptoms of the urogenital tract of a patient;

• Preclinical examination;

• Assessment of therapy efficiency.

Femoflor ® SCREEN enables to provide the following informaion during initial consultation:

• Etiological screening diagnostics of infectious process;

• 7 non-opportunistic pathogens (bacteria, viruses and protozoa);

• Diagnostics of dysbiotic disorders;

• Feasibility of determining the scope of treatment required;

• Possibility of carrying out dynamic observations;

• Monitoring the effectiveness of treatment;

• Monitoring the recovery of microbiota normal state;

• Quickly obtained results – feasibility to prescribe treatment promptly;

• Sampling quality control. Monitoring the adequacy of results obtained.

Sample: epithelial scrapes from cervical canal, posterolateral vaginal vault and urethra.

DNA extraction: PREP-NA PLUS, PREP-GS PLUS extraction kits.

Certification: CE/IVD

Типы детекции:
Real-time format is designed to detect PCR results during amplification with the help of detecting amplifiers (in real time).