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PREP-GS PLUS DNA Extraction Kit is intended for DNA purification from biological sample. For more PCR tests the total volume of DNA purified by PREP-GS PLUS DNA Extraction Kit is larger (300 μL) comparing to standard PREP-GS DNA Extraction Kit (100 μL).

PREP-GS PLUS DNA Extraction Kit is optimized for DNA extraction from 50 analyzed samples (including negative control samples).

PREP-GS PLUS DNA Extraction Kit is recommended for DNA extraction and subsequent quantitative PCR analysis (biocenosis analysis using FEMOFLOR® kit, typing and quantification of human papillomavirus using HPV QUANT, HPV 6/11 multiplex, HPV 16/18 multiplex kits).

The kit can be used for diagnostic and research purposes.

Sample: peripheral blood, blood plasma, phlegm, saliva, cerebrospinal fluid, synovial fluid, urine, sperm, prostatic fluid, epithelial scrapes

Certification: CE IVD


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