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MycosoScreen against Candida auris

First outbreak of the Candida auris, type of yeast or fungi, has been reported recently in the Texas and Washington, USA (source). This fungus is not dangerous for the people with strong immune system, but can be a big problem for those with the impaired immunity – people with chronic or opportunistic diseases. The reason of extreme danger of the Candida auris – it’s resistance to the antifungal drugs (up to 90% isolates are resistant to at least one antifungal, around 30% are resistant to at least two antifungals). In addition, this microorganism is resistant to environmental factors, including disinfectants that are used in medical institutions. Also, C. auris has an ability to colonize different types of surfaces and form stable biofilms, which makes them a threatening spreading agent of the nosocomial candidiasis and invasive candidiasis infection with a high mortality rate.
Detection kit MycosoScreen is developed and can be applied for clinical diagnostics of the Candida auris yeast. As a result of the diagnostics, the causative agent of fungal infection is determined and then it is used for diagnosis and prescription of effective treatment. Although the yeast is pathogenic and persistent, today there exist several special therapies that can reduce the severity of the disease and moreover, new specific and modern drugs are in the process of development.