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Journal of Physics: The role of Lactic Acid Bacteria Microbiota in Determiningthe pH Value of Newborn Faeces

Published new study based on work with a PCR kit ENTEROFLOR Kiddy. The role of Lactic Acid Bacteria Microbiota in Determining the pH Value of Newborn Faeces, Asya Asenova1, Hristiyana Hristova1, Trayana Nedeva, Petya Hristova, IvelinaZhivkova and Iliyana Rasheva, Department of General and Applied Microbiology, Faculty of Biology, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Sofia, Bulgaria, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2024, vol 2726.

The pH values of exclusively breastfed and mixed-fed newborns were analyzed and their association with the number of lactic acid bacteria detected, their taxa and their corresponding metabolic characteristics was analyzed. The results of the study showed that breastfeeding plays a major role in promoting gut health by stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria and immune development.

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