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Mycobacterium Complex (M.tuberculosis/M.bovis)

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Now there is a significant increase in incidence of tuberculosis in the world: every year there are nearly 8 million new TB cases. About 3 million people die from the disease every year.

Currently, initial laboratory analysis of specimen to detect the causative agent is done in general medical institutions through direct microscopic examinations. The most informative culture examination is carried out only in bacteriological laboratories of TB facilities at regional and major centers.

Nevertheless, routine diagnostics and typing of mycobacterium tuberculosis by microbiological methods take from 3 weeks to 3 months, which could adversely affect the effectiveness of therapy. Moreover, the nature of the disease has changed: every year, there is an increase in cases of primary tuberculosis caused by strains resistant to one or more antimycobacterial drugs. The usual antibiotic therapy will be ineffective in treating such patients because the infectious process is often severe and fast. In this regard, there is an urgent need for detecting resistant strains.

The use of real-time PCR to detect results will allow for highly sensitive analysis both in a specialized facility and at a general medical institution at the initial stage.

The Mycobacterium Complex (M.tuberculosis/M.bovis) Real-Time PCR Detection Kit is in vitro DNA test, which is intended for the specific identification of M.tuberculosis/M.bovis in human biological samples.

Sample: sputum, bronchoalveolar lavage, the contents of tuberculoma

DNA extraction: PREP-NA, PREP-GS, PREP-RAPID extraction kits

Certification: CE/IVD

Типы детекции:
Real-time format is designed to detect PCR results during amplification with the help of detecting amplifiers (in real time).