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Fetal RHD Genotyping

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In current obstetric practice, it is often necessary to perform genetic testing of the fetus during early pregnancy. Traditionally, fetal genetic material has been obtained using invasive techniques, however, they carry a risk of miscarriage around 2-3 %.

The discovery of cell-free fetal DNA and RNA in maternal blood offered a new source of fetal genetic material for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis. Since material for the research is the mother’s blood, these new techniques are safe for the pregnancy compared to the previous methods. The number of fetal DNA in maternal blood increases with increasing of gestational age and depends on the placenta state and characteristics of pregnancy course. Starting from the 8-10 weeks of gestation the methods of non-invasive prenatal genetic testing allow to achieve the level of accuracy 96-100 %.

All Rh- pregnant women passing dynamic control of antibodies level to fetal D-antigen. The absence of antibodies cannot guarantee that fetus is also Rh- because production of maternal antibodies can be inhibited due to integrity of placenta or suppressed immune response. Risk of spontaneous Rh disease development remains under given circumstances. Moreover, mother will be sensitized in the course of delivery.

Fetal RHD Genotyping REAL-TIME PCR Kit is intended for detection of cell-free fetal DNA of RHD gene in the blood of Rhd-negative pregnant women by Real-Time PCR method in order to predict the risk of Rh-conflict and hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn.

Fetal RHD Genotyping REAL-TIME PCR Kit is intended for detection of fetal RHD gene based on specific detection of two exons of RHD gene (7th and 10th) in the blood of Rh- mother. The two exon detection covers big heterogenic group of gene variants and thus raises reliability of results.

Sample: peripheral blood

DNA extraction: PREP-NA-FET extraction kit

Certification: CE/IVD

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Real-time format is designed to detect PCR results during amplification with the help of detecting amplifiers (in real time).