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HIV Quantitative

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During diagnosis of blood-borne infections, PCR technology has a great importance especially in blood banking and to detection very early infections before antibodies have been developed.

PCR technology solves the following blood banking tasks:

•   Ensuring infection safety during the period of “seronegative window”. Detection of HIV by PCR method reduces the duration of the period of “serological window” by 11 days on average and helps detect the pathogen within 1-2 weeks after infecting;

•  Providing information that no infectious agents were found in the blood or blood components with ambiguous results of enzyme multiplied immunoassay obtained;

•  Identifying true virus carriers among seropositive individuals.

The HIV Quantitative REAL-TIME PCR Kit is an in vitro Nucleic Acid Test (NAT) – based pathogen detection and quantification product.

The HIV Quantitative REAL-TIME PCR Kit is designed to detect and quantitate Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) type 1 nucleic acids in human blood plasma samples with an aid of Quantitative Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) method.

The HIV Quantitative REAL-TIME PCR Kit can be used in clinical practice for HIV diagnostics and viral load evaluation.

Sample: blood plasma

DNA extraction: PREP-NA extraction kit

Certification: RU/IVD

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Real-time format is designed to detect PCR results during amplification with the help of detecting amplifiers (in real time).