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PREP-NA extraction kit is intended for DNA/RNA purification from biological material for further analysis with reverse transcription (RNA) and/or polymerase chain reaction (DNA).

PREP-NA extraction kit is designed for DNA/RNA extraction from 100 analyzed samples (including negative control samples). It is possible to concentrate RNA by reducing the volume of elution buffer, which increases efficiency and diagnostic sensitivity of PCR analysis.

PREP-NA extraction kit is recommended for the study of clinical material for the presence of infections caused by RNA- and DNA containing viruses.

PREP-NA extraction kit can be used for diagnostic and research purposes.

Sample: blood plasma, saliva, phlegm, milk, urine, sperm, prostate fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, epithelial scrapes from posterior pharyngeal wall, urethra, cervical canal, posterior vaginal vault, swabs and washouts from nasal and oropharyngeal cavities, faeces, material from dead and sick animals (swabs and washouts from trachea, nasal cavity, pharyngeal cavity, cloaca, faeces, internal organs) etc.

Certification: CE IVD


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