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PCR cabinet

The actual product may vary from the images shown on the website.

PCR cabinet with UV lamp is intended for isolation of devices and reagents from the external environment in clinical and scientific laboratories. PCR cabinet is an ideal work area with protection against contamination in sensitive PCR amplification reactions.


• The front glass panel smoothly slides up and you can set it at any height;

• An embedded set of AC power outlets allows connecting the laboratory equipment to power inside the box;

• PCR cabinet is equipped with a built-in 254 nanometer shortwave lamp to effectively decontaminate the work area between amplifications; an electronic timer controls it;

• To prevent operator exposure to potentially harmful UV radiation, ultraviolet radiation is blocked when the front glass panel is opened and PCR box is switched on;

• The body is made of coated stainless steel and glass, which prevents rust followed by surface treatment with aggressive detergents (i.e. hydrochloric acid and chlorine-based solutions);

• The body is made with high precision lasers from solid sheet of stainless steel to reduce the number of seams and gaps and to ensure effective radiation and treatment of the internal surfaces with detergents;

• The working space is 1200 x 600 mm, which makes possible to have a full-fledged working place inside the PCR box;

• The lighting of the work desk with fluorescent daylight lamp is sufficient for high precision work;

• Convenient layout and ease of operation make the box indispensable when carrying out large numbers of routine laboratory tests.


Типы детекции:


1205 x 705 x 665 мм


85 kg


PCR cabinet

General characteristics

Cabinet design

  • Metal case made of stainless steel

  • Glass sidewalls

  • Glass front panel

Outer coating

Powder paint RAL 70

Size (WхLхH), mm

1205 x 705 x 665

Mass (without table), kg


Working chamber

Glass front panel

  • Lifting

  • Max panel stroke - 370 mm

Seamless design


Built-in sockets, pc


Working surface

Stainless steel

Working chamber lighting

Fluorescent lamp

UV-light unit

UV-lamp power, W



UV-lamp wavelength, nm


Life of the UV-lamp, hrs


Built-in timer for automatic UV-lamp disconnect


Automatic UV-lamp disconnect when lifting (opening) front panel


Automatic UV-lamp disconnect when turning fluorescent lamp on


UV-lamp working time range

from 15 min to 3 hrs 45 min .

UV-lamp working time increment

15 min

Operating conditions

Line voltage, V

220В ± 10%

Max total current of the connected devices from the mains 220V, A


Fluorescent lamp max power consumption, W


UV-lamp max power consumption, W




Device service life

No less than 5 years

Warranty service

24 months

Post-warranty service