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BacResista GLA: identification of antibiotic resistance genes in bacteria

We’d like to announce a new booklet about the "BacResista GLA" and "BacResista GLA Van/Mec" kits for detection of genes of resistance to glycopeptide and beta-lactam antibiotics in bacteria by real-time PCR. In recent decades, the prevalence of strains of microorganisms resistant to antibacterial drugs has made it much more difficult to treat patients with bacterial infections.

Resistance to antibacterial drugs hinders effective therapy and contributes to the emergence of chronic and recurrent infections. PCR diagnostics aimed at identifying a wide range of antibiotic resistance genes will significantly reduce TAT (Turnaround time) and help with selection of optimal antibacterial therapy.

This is especially important for the treatment of severe infections, since the effect of etiotropic therapy largely depends on the timing of the prescription of suitable antibiotics.